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Private Pilates in Jerusalem

Hi, my name is Elinoar Gigi

I have been working in the field professionally since 2018,

After years of training and practice I chose to specialize in Pilates for unique needs like seniors, pregnant woman, treatment after orthopedic surgeries.

I opened the studio in my home, giving me and my clients flexibility to book classes and treatment for different times during the day. My home is an island of silence and has become a boutique studio for personal and couple training.

I believe that in order to maintain a healthy mind, one must maintain a healthy body and stick to a training routine. Each trainee will be able to receive personal guidance and build a personal training program adapted to his needs.



Embark on a journey with us through tailored Pilates, from nurturing prenatal strength to postnatal recovery, orthopedic post surgery treatment and several other specialties where we weave core fortification and breath work into every step, crafting stability and wellness in the comfort of a private home.

Rehabilitative Pilates

In my nurturing role, I elegantly tailor rehabilitation with Pilates equipment, mirroring our body's resilience to gently enhance mobility. This approach offers creative, refined healing paths, integrating strength, flexibility, and balance into a harmonious recovery.

Pilates for Fibromyalgia

Research highlights Pilates power in rehabilitation for fibromyalgia where the the use of counteracting machinery develops strength. It restores stability and balance, addressing muscle asymmetry. Pilates fosters whole-body health, strengthening the core and harmonizing back and abdominal muscles for enhanced well-being.

Pilates for Seniors

Apparatus Pilates at our studio enhances later-life health, focusing on mobility, balance, and core strength to improve posture and happiness. With accessible equipment and personalized sessions, we address imbalances, reduce back pain, and prevent falls. Our training also strengthens pelvic muscles, aiding incontinence relief, promoting overall well-being and rejuvenation.

Training for Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Our approach strengthens core and pelvic muscles with tailored exercises for pregnant individuals. Custom Pilates during pregnancy enhances posture, supports recovery, and eases the transition post-birth. Focused on breath work, core, and pelvic health, our regimen readies mothers for a healthier journey, prioritizing maternal well-being and stability.


Book your session now

Select the type of class you need, private or shared, at any of my available times.



“The Boost I Needed.”


“You helped me stand up again and walk after I fractured my ankle!”


“Never Missed a Class.”


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